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Justice an Change For Victims Of Nursing Facilities

We are honored to be a part of such an important organization. This Non Profit organization advocates and fights to change and put an end to the abuse/mistreatment of our elderly at the hands of Nursing Facilities in the state of Virginia. Our facility has joined the fight against neglect and abuse, especially of our elderly. We encourage you to donate your junk or unwanted vehicle to this organization. Proceeds from these vehicles go directly aid the fight to change what is happening in nursing facilities and they also aid other programs that this organization has to offer. We have attached a link below to their website, please take a minute and visit them and contact them should you wish to advocate with them, make a monetary donation, or should you need to share your story about nursing facility abuse and get information about resources available. please use our "schedule service" button on our contact page to donate your vehicle today. vehicles are accepted in any condition, any age of vehicle,  with or without a title, and we offer free pickup at your convenience anywhere in the State of Virginia. If you are not in Virginia and still want to donate your vehicle, please reach out to us anyway. 

Thank you for helping us, help Justice and Change For Victims of Nursing Facilities in the fight against the abuse and neglect of our elderly! Your generosity is most certainly appreciated!!

Call us: 1-804-393-1943
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